Connect any Twitch Account

Let the Bot join your Channel and listen to the Chat.

Once it’s set, it will do the Work for you!

Connect your NanoLeaf Device with a Simple Click!

With the handy Auto-Detect, the App connects to the Lights and downloads the Effect List. After the Pairing you can start with the Trigger Settings! Or you enter the IP-Adress and try the Manual Connect!

Trigger all the Things!

You can choose what changes your NanoLeaf Effect!

Add as many as you like! Twitch Events or Commands and Keywords from the Chat!

A Command can “Cost” Points. Make them Pay!

A secret Keyword can change the Mood. Let it burn!

You have no Idea, what all this means? Click the ? on the Top Right for Help!

Sync with other Chatbots to let your Viewers pay for Effects!

Many of you have other Chatbots with Loyalty Points and now your Viewers have a Reason to collect as many as they can!

Right now you can connect with Streamlabs or Phantombot-Chatbot!

(Streamelements and Deepbot are planned and on the List!)



Size: ~5 MB
Version: v1.4.3