Q: Is this Free? Don’t you wan’t my Liver, Lungs or a Kidney?


This App is completely Free. No Paywall. No Organ Donor Contract.


Cause i can … and I think there should be a Free and Easy Alternative for everything.

If you feel the Urge to thank me … spread the Word about this App, contact me on my Discord with your Opinion and give me Feedback.

Or visit me on my Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/locxion

Q: Does this App work with Multiple NanoLeaf? (More than one NanoLeaf Controller)

Yes .

The current Public Version 1.6.6+ does have the Multi Device Support enabled.

Q: Does this App work with the NanoLeaf Canvas?

Honestly: I don’t now…

I wrote this App with the NanoLeaf API. If the Canvas uses the same API, there is a Chance that it could work.

Just try it and tell me 😀 I only own a NanoLeaf Aurora set at Home.

Q: What are these “Enable Analytics” and “Share Channel Name” Checkboxes for?

These Options are Enabled by Default and help me keep Track about Usage and Errors that could occur.

If you just Check the “Enable Analytics” Box, the App sends general Information about rough Location (Country), Start and Stop, Runtime, Successfull or failed Twitch Connections, NanoLeaf paring Errors, General Exceptions and Errors.

This data is Completely Anonymous and i use them to Improve my App and your User Experience!

However, if you check the “Share Channel Name” Checkbox – the Twitch Channel (where the App is connected to) will also get shared to my Analytics.

If you want to get visited by me at some time … check this Box and i maybe will say Hi o/ 😀

If you don’t want to share ANY Information and use the App:

Uncheck these Options, press Save and restart the App!

Q: What do you do with these Information? Sell them?

Well … no.

I will look at them and be happy that Streamers out there use that crappy piece of Software that i made 😀

I do not sell them or show them to any unrelated Persons of this Project.

Q: Really?

Yeah … Really!

Q: If i install this on my Computer, do you can look at my Personal Data or login into my private Twitch Account?


The Auth-Key you use to let the App login to the Twitch Chat are only for the IRC Services of Twitch. Even IF i had access to them (wich i don’t) … i could only Chat with your Account.

The App has no access to your Streaming Key, your Twitch Personal/Payout Data or Settings of you Twitch Channel.

Q: Could you add Feature X? Why can’t you do Y? How about Z?

I’m open for Ideas and Feedback! If you want to share you Opinion and Feedback feel free to Contact me on my Socials! (Top Right Corner of the Homepage)

Q: This doesn’t work! I need help!

I would love to help you out! The fastest way to contact me is on my Discord Server (Top Right Corner of the Homepage).

There is a Channel only for Users of the App … (German and English).

Just Tag me with @ and i will respond as fast as i can!