1.Q: Is this Free? Don’t you wan’t my Liver, Lungs or a Kidney?

Yes! This App is completely Free. No Paywall. No Organ Donor Contract.

2.Q: WHY?

Cause i can … and I think there should be a Free and Easy Alternative for everything.

3.Q: Does this App work with Multiple NanoLeaf? (More than one NanoLeaf Controller)


4.Q: Does this work with the Canvas and the Shapes?


5.Q: What are these “Enable Analytics” and “Share Channel Name” Checkboxes for?

These Options are Enabled by Default and help me keep Track about Usage and Errors that could occur.

If you just Check the “Enable Analytics” Box, the App sends general Information about rough Location (Country), Start and Stop, Runtime, Successfull or failed Twitch Connections, NanoLeaf paring Errors, General Exceptions and Errors.

This data is Completely Anonymous and i use them to Improve my App and your User Experience!

However, if you check the “Share Channel Name” Checkbox – the Twitch Channel (where the App is connected to) will also get shared to my Analytics.

If you want to get visited by me at some time … check this Box and i maybe will say Hi o/ 😀

If you don’t want to share ANY Information and use the App:

Uncheck these Options, press Save and restart the App!

6.Q: What do you do with these Information? Sell them?

Well … no.

I will look at them and be happy that Streamers out there use that crappy piece of Software that i made 😀

I do not sell them or show them to any unrelated Persons of this Project.

7.Q: Really?

Yeah … Really!

8.Q: Is this Project Open Source on Github?

That’s my very first “Big” own Project and I wanna learn, do mistakes, fix Bugs and try to make a good software.
If i open it to the Puplic on Github … other would Help yes … but then i don’t have the Chance to grow on it.

9.Q: Do i have to be Twitch Affiliate/Partner to use it?

No. If you just started Streaming you can use it too! Even a simple Color change on a new Follower can be cool!

10.Q: Do Rythm Effects work?

Yes. But you should rename them in the Mobile App so that they can be spotted easy inside the Trigger Dropdown.(Soundbar > SoundbarRythm)

11.Q: Can i make a Single Color Effect?

Yes! as Version 2.0+ you can use Solid Colors directly in the App … for older Versions don’t just use the Single Color or Solid Color Tab in the Mobile Nanoleaf App! Create a Multicolor Effect and name it “Blue” then edit the Color Palette and remove all other Colors you dont want. Repeat for other Colors!

12.Q: Do you take Donations? I wanna thank you somehow!

No. I don’t take Donations. I made this App for fun \o/. In the future you will be able to buy a License. In the meantime if you want to thank me:

Mention me in your Chat via Command or take the Logo/Banner and embed them into your Stream. (Logo/Banner can be found in the Discord)

Visit my Twitch Channel and maybe Gift some Subs or Bits.

Take a look at my Wishlist under the Stream.

Click >>>HERE<<< and write some Words at the “Your Opinons” Section! <3

13.Q: Can your App Control (InsertOtherBrandNameHere) or can i use it on (InsertOtherLiveStreamServiceHere)?

Well … The Clue is in the Name … till now it only supports Nanoleaf on Twitch!

14.Q: If i try to install this … my Computer says something like “This Software could harm your Computer!” Is this a Virus?

No. This Message is standard if the Origin of the Software is not verified. I dont have the Money to buy Security Certificates to prevent that from happening. If you dont trust me or the other People that may suggested this Software. Then simply dont use it!

15.Q: I installed the App but if i click the Shortcut in the StartMenu … nothing happens?

Please check these Things:

1. You have Windows Media Player installed and activated

2. You don’t have Software or Hardware (like a RaspberryPie with PieHole) that blocks connections to Google Analytics or locxserv.de

3. Browse to %AppData%\NanoTwitchLeafs and delete the settings.txt


16.Q: How do i Test Alerts? If i click on the Test Button on (InsertSomeAlertServiceHere) nothing happens!?

Sadly … Twich doesnt has any Way to TestSub or send TestBits. You can Test Follows, Hosts and Raids with other Twitch Accounts and your Streamer Account has unlimited ChannelPoints. But you could create a Command, write !nano help in the Chat and test it. If that works … everything else should work too!

17.Q: This doesnt work either! HEALP!

You can ask in the #help Channel in the Discord if something doesnt work like it should. Please describe your Problem in Detail and be ready to provide more Information if needed! Just “This doesnt work” doesnt realy help me to help you!

18.Q: This is to good to be true!

If you not sure about all this … read all the Opinions of other Streamers >>>HERE<<<


Alright …. right below this Panel 😀

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