What the HELL is THIS? A Website?

What the HELL is THIS? A Website?


Hey Guys o/

And YES … a Website. I have so much FUN making this App, i decided to make a whole Page for it. This should be the new “Home” for the NanoTwitchLeafs.

Here you find everything about the App. The Features, Info about Streames who use my App and their Opinions and the News about it.

I don’t know, how much “News” i will write on here, but i thought there should be a little Place for them. The Plan is to write about planned Stuff i want to implement or new Ideas am juggling with.

Right now… I’m working on a “Autodetect” functionality for the App. So in the Future … there should be no IP Adress needed to connect your NanoLeaf Lights to the App. Just a Click in the App and a Button press on the NanoLeaf Lights and DONE!

Anyway … I hope this Place looks nice and clean and maybe helps YOU to find out what NanoTwichLeafs can do for you.



Markus – Locxion

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